How does Online.Adverse work?

11 months ago

How does work:

A conventional mortgage broker will go through a factfind with you and then go off to do the research before coming back and making a recommendation. asks you to complete the application online at a time that suits you, no appointments necessary. 

Once you have completed your application form and answered some questions about what you want from your mortgage, we then produce a list of the most suitable products. You are then free to choose one of these and proceed with the application form. 

FEAR NOT – We will review your application, if we think you have chosen the wrong product or there are more suitable options, we will tell you. This is still an advised mortgage process.

After you have submitted your application to us, you will receive an email confirming receipt and another email with how to log into your personal customer portal, this is where you will be able to upload your documents safely and securely. You will also be able to add notes to your case for your case manager to review. Likewise, this is where we will add notes and ask questions should we have any. 

We will then review your application and documents before doing any hard footprint credit checks. We will ensure you have chosen a suitable product and if you have, we will then complete the application with the lender on your behalf. If we think there are better options for you, we will tell you. Part of the reason we go through all of your documents and application is to filter out those customers we think can get high street mortgages. If we think you fall into this category, we will tell you. The last thing we want is for you to go with a specialist mortgage lender if we think there are cheaper alternatives out there. 

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